System requirements

AMPAREX has moderate hardware requirements and runs on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. For optimal use we recommend the following hardware components:


  • CPU (desktop processor)
    4 Core @ 3 GHz (Intel / AMD / ARM) *
  • RAM (main memory)
    min. 8 GB
  • SSD (hard disk)
    min. 256 GB
  • USB ports
    free USB ports for smart card reader, thermal printer, NOAH Link bluetooth adapter
  • Internet access
    Stable internet access with 50 Mbps bandwidth
    (not wireless)
  • Monitor
    24" monitor with 1920 x 1200 pixel screen resolution
    (min. 1280 x 800 px)


  • Application
    • LibreOffice
    • Noah Engine *
    • Java (comes with AMPAREX installer)
    • Microsoft Security Essentials (included in Windows)
  • OS
    Please check whether all software and hardware components*, besides AMPAREX, can run under operating system of your choice.
    AMPAREX will not run on the following operating systems: MS Windows 10S, Windows RT, Windows 7 Starter.
    We advise against the use of the following operating systems on fitting computers: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012Rx, Apple macOS, Linux.
    • Windows 10, Windows 11
    • No known problems.

* Peripherals

Please note that not every peripheral device has a fully functional drivers for each of the available operating system. In particular printers, receipt or label printers, chip card readers and scanners may be affected. Some devices also require direct support coming from the AMPAREX software. Please check the compatibility of peripheral devices you plan to use with AMPAREX support.

* CPU (Prozessor)

We recommend the use of Intel-based CPUs, which includes AMD CPUs. The function with ARM-based CPUs, which are used in some Microsoft Surface™ devices, for example, is not validated by AMPAREX. Various hardware drivers do not work on ARM CPUs, no 64-bit apps compiled for AMD/Intel will run, 32-bit apps only run in a slow emulation (status mid 2020).

* Noah Engine

The Noah Engine only works on supported Windows operating systems. An ARM based processor (found for example in the Surface Pro X) is not supported by HIMSA. ARM based processors do not support some driver software. One specific issue that has been reported is that the NOAHlink Wireless drivers were not able to install successfully. Running Noah Engine on Mac Parallel Desktop or Boot Camp is possible but not supported by HIMSA. For further information see Minimal System Requirements - Noah 4. Therefore, AMPAREX does not provide any support for such installations. We recommend Windows (Intel/AMD based) as operating system for your fitting room workstation.