This is an up-to-date status page with information on server malfunctions, telecommunications and other technical issues. In the event of a technical failure, we will add an emergency notification to both our support hotline and our emergency number. Hearing any of those would mean that we’re already working to solve the problem. Please note that we can not answer to every phone call or e-mail should any technical issue arise.


15.11.2018 09:19 CEST

There are currently no known issues.

27.10.2018 10:25 CEST, Incident resolved

All AMPAREX systems are back on power and available. The exact cause of the power failure is currently still unclear. The data center operator is currently difficult to reach. We assume that the problem has been solved.

27.10.2018 10:00 CEST, Data center malfunction

Since about 9:30 a.m. there has been a total failure in our data center. It concerns a power failure in the entire computer center. The RZ operator is busy with the repair of the damage. A duration of the failure cannot be estimated at present unfortunately. We will inform you as soon as this has been repaired.

Remote maintenance

Team Viewer incident history can be accessed here: Incident History.

Java Update


Please start AMPAREX by using the AxStarter and no longer by using Java WebStart. This way the manual Java updates will no longer be necessary. If for any reason you still need to use the Java WebStart, please do not install Java 9 on you computer(s). The performance of this Java version is not satisfactory yet. In this case we recommend to use Java 8 until further notice.