AMPAREX for audiologists

AMPAREX for audiologists is a fully featured practice management software which can be tailored to your everyday business needs. AMPAREX is an online based application so you can use it from wherever you are. Backups, updates, server hosting, installations - we take care of it so you can remain fully focused on your patients. With our broad know-how and technologies used we are always one step ahead of the competition. Our customer service and support are second to none. All our 61 employees are always happy to assist you.

We provide you with a complete package including: software, hardware and end user support. Over 3700 practices around are already convinced of our services and competence. Take advantage of our superb price-performance ratio. The initial investment is minimal and there are no hidden costs. All you need to start is internet access. The monthly fee includes all currently available modules and features. Future ones will be made available with AMPAREX upgrades at no additional costs. We obviously won't leave you alone after the purchase. Support is one of our strengths and will be provided by our friendly and knowledgeable staff locally from Germany.

A short features overview is available below. Additionally our sales department will be happy to answer all your questions regarding AMPAREX: Phone +44-20-351-465-84, E-mail



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System requirements

AMPAREX has moderate hardware requirements and runs on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Please note that the LibreOffice suite, used for document editing and printing, would need to then be installed separately. Fitting computers require Noah, which is only available on Windows systems.

Our customers

AMPAREX software solutions are successfully used by the following audiologists.