AMPAREX Price List

AMPAREX has a simple licensing model. This means that upon purchasing you always acquire a full version of the software including all modules like appointment scheduling, statistics, marketing, inventory management or bookkeeping. Furthermore you can install AMPAREX on as many workstations as you wish without any additional licensing costs. Additionally, you can work without purchasing expensive server hardware with mirrored drives, UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) and backup media. We provide the necessary server infrastructure and we will maintain it. So instead of dealing with installations, updates and backups you can focus more on your patients. We will look after the rest for you.

Product Price

AMPAREX for audiologists
Monthly licence fee per branch

€ 120.00

All modules available as standard
Unlimited number of workstations per licence
Free end user support
Regular server maintenance
Daily backups of your data
Automatic software updates
Product Price

Set up fees

Initial server set up fee
(single payment per company)

€ 350.00

Installation, configuration and training per branch

€ 300.00

Optional: backup as download

€ 80.00

One-time provision of your data as encrypted database backup


Product Price

Hourly rate
e.g. additional training, programming

€ 120.00

Travel expenses

Price depends on the location

Data import (price per branch)

Product Price

From a standard office software

€ 400.00


AkuWin NG









W-Akustik (dos-ipro)


Other systems per request

Additional data import services

€ 200.00

Test data transfer from an old system
Temporary data deployment on AMPAREX server
Optional tuning of imported data