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Our aim is to offer a perfectly adjustable practice management solution for your business. A close cooperation with our customers has helped us to develop a very resourceful and fully featured practice management software. Therefore, when using AMPAREX, your standard workflow tasks like patient management, appointment scheduling, record keeping, inventory control, invoicing or marketing will be streamlined and easy to complete. Your advantages: simple pricing, no minimum contract period, all modules available from the start and free of charge end user support.


The company was founded in 1995 as an IT consulting company. Back then several large corporate enterprises were among our customers. Since 2005, we offer a universal cloud solution for hearing care providers. At present our customers come from different 16 countries and beside hearing care professionals our software is sold to opticians and therapists. The company is based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in Germany. Currently, AMPAREX has 61 permanent employees.

As of: 22. Jul 2024

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The work on AMPAREX software started in 2003 and from the very beginning we relied on the cloud concept to progress with the development. First customers began to actively use AMPAREX in 2005. Currently more than 3700 practices across Europe work with AMPAREX and every year over 200 new ones join.

You can access your data on AMPAREX at any time and from anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection. No additional investment in servers, backup solutions or updates will be needed. All data is in the cloud and we will look after the technical infrastructure for you. Learn more »

The entire data is stored in a central database in one of our data centres. Any data change will be immediately saved in the database and made visible to all users without delay. The cloud concept makes AMPAREX very attractive to the large chains as well. Depending on simple system adjustments patient files and data can be fully visible in all stores or restricted to certain user groups. Management can run statistics on the entire database and receive current figures at any time.

We rely on the current open source components such as Java, LibreOffice, MariaDB and WildFly. This keeps us technologically independent, always up-to-date and it pushes the licence price down.

In addition to software development we also monitor, manage, and maintain all AMPAREX servers. Currently, our data centres are located in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Redundant hardware design, firewalls and a multi-level backup concept provide for extra security.

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